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led street lights beam assist high and

High Beam Assist and LED street lights
Does anyone else's car struggle to detect that there are LED street lights so sticks main beam on?

They have recently replaced all the local street lights to the LED style which is great but now if I have High Beam Assist switched on the car thinks there are no street lights so it puts high beam on.
Nope not noticed this issue
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The A1 around Newcastle has been converted to LED lights, as you drive along you get the feeling you are driving under spot lights, as it goes very bright while you you are under one, then as you move along the the light drops to quite dim but still usable. I don't have High Beam Assist so that to have the problems you speak of, but I can understand how the LEDs are confused by them. I would sooner have the previous type of lighting.
This is the view most seen by others
they will be standard soon they save the counsel alot of cash on street lighting
There also are a couple of dual carriageways around here, that they switch the lights off after midnight, again to save money.
This is the view most seen by others
they have been doing this also were i live and it is not very pedestrian friendly

and the first casualty by us


but i think she did not have lights on her bike
I've found the lights near the house to be a lot better than those they replaced. But the set on Anna's parents road are crap wonder if there is a setting or they are different makes.
They replaced all the ones around me I don't think they are as bright but on the plus side they don't hurt my eyes bringing on a migraine.

It's what all the councils are doing in a bid to save money I wonder if they have worked out the cost of each bulb plus man hours changing them plus vehicle costs I wouldn't be surprised if they don't see any savings for a few years yet.
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There's a really bad set of led lights near my sisters which go up the posts on a zebra crossing they are so bright they blind you during the day never mind at night.

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