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DPF problems almost new

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  • DPF problems almost new

    Hello all, recently I got some error messages on my 1.3 ***** but before I go to a specialist I would like to see if is something that I can do by myself

    So, a couple of days ago I got "Service Vehicle Soon" message before starting the engine. I kinda think that the problem might be related with the DPF since in the last 3 weeks I've used the car only for a couple of miles to reach my work place. I've moved very close to work but since I don't have a parking permit yet, I need to move my car from the place I live during the day 

    Yesterday I had to do some work 100 miles away from work and I decided to get my car in order to clean the DPF, after 20 miles I got the message, "DPF Cleaning, Continue Driving", after another 20/30 miles the message change to "DPF is Full, Continued Driving Mandatory. I was on the highway, so I continued for another 60 miles until I've reach my destination but nothing, the message didn't go away. On my way back, same thing, 100 miles but no cleaning. The message comes on as soon I turn on the keys, also "Service Vehicle Soon"

    The filter is brand new, only 3000 miles made so far...

    Arrived home, I've connected the computer and I got this error messages:

    P2458-57 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)  Regeneration Time - <Unknown status byte>
    P2453-56 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Differential Pressure Sensor Circuit - Too Many Transitions
    P0192-5A Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Circuit Low Voltage - Not Plausible

    Is there anything I can do by myself before hearing an expert?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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    RE: DPF problems almost new

    Did you drive the car consistently over 2000 rpm for 20 mins? as this is the recommended revs and time for my 2.0cdti to get the gases warm enough to burn off the soot from the dpf.


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      RE: DPF problems almost new

      The dpf pressure sensor are prone to failure, especially on 2.0 cdti but can't imagine 1.3 being any different. Clear the codes and see what comes back. My dpf pressure went on my old 2.0 and svs light came on accompanied by limp mode. If you stuck in limp mode don't think it will regen.
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        RE: DPF problems almost new

        Hey Guys, thanks for your replies, that's really helpful

        I've also had a look online for the codes and found someone on the forum mentioning a similar problem, basically he found an air leak at the turbo intercooler pipe and guess what, I found out that I have a very similar problem, the pipe that connects with the intercooler is very loose, so it might be the case  :hyper:

        I will fix that, change the oil (since it is darker than the dark matter) reset the codes and give it a go...

        I've seen this product: Redex DPF Cleaner 250ml says that will help to clean the soot faster and at lower temperatures... did any of you use this stuff??

        @MarkAP68 - Yes, I've also run it at 3000

        @Jpbroad1970 - No stuck in limp mode yet, but thanks for mention it, I will not drive it until I fix what I found so far