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    Hey Forum,

    I've been into modding for most of my life but more the old school way of NA (expensive way of going slow) and also turbo'ing cars that weren't turbo from factory.  More recently I've been playing around with more modern cars where software and bolton's make great gains.

    After reading up on the 1.6T is seems it isn't the strongest of motor & gearbox combo's but should handle stg1 sw with relative ease.  I'm not that familiar with the UK market so have done allot of googling.  I've had 2 options that I'd like to ask for feedback and/or advice.

    1) Celtic Tuning - I've always used Celtic as a benchmark for many cars and trust their dealer *******.  My only concern is off the shelf maps.
    2) Performance centre - They run a full diagnostic and do a road map tune to check all the parameters are good.  Only issue is they are based 4.5 hours away although I can have it done by another tuning company through their guidance.

    Car currently only has the back box removed (bought like this) and I don't intend to go wild or any further with this setup.  Keen to hear your thoughts.