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    RE: Clutch

    Originally posted by 14PGTC
    Mine knocks in second and third gear, not so much in other gears. Also, if I was to accelerate and let off and put the clutch in, the whole car would shake. 
    I've had the car for two years now, clutch hasn't gave me any bother other than the knocking sounds in second and third. I clearly don't have warranty anymore, but how would I go about bringing the bulletin to the attention of Vauxhall? 
    Would they still fix it, the car is only 6 years old.
    When  you speak to them tell them you have a bulletin number.

    As to weather it would still be covered is something you would have to argue about with the dealership/ vauxhall.

    Be warned they are very good at wriggling out of things.
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