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DRL - sidelamp issue

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  • DRL - sidelamp issue

    I have a code 22 on my screen, which is pretty annoying. The right side lamp is working fine (both of them, left too). 
    I have already done:
    - removed the bulb from the left side: (code 21 come out, which is expected)
    - swap the two bulbs left and right side, both working, got error 22 back.
    - bought new bulbs, still error 22

    What I noticed, sometimes, I don't have error code 22, before I put the bulb with the holder into the lamp, and comes back a little later.
    Also noticed the holder is a bit worn out. I tried to make sure the pins connected to the bulb well.

    Has somebody come with an issue like this before?
    Can somebody suggest a place (online) or in London where I can buy a replacement bulb holder? (the ones I found online looks different)
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    RE: DRL - sidelamp issue

    Try turning the bulb round in the holder.

    You can't buy a replacement bulb holder.

    You can using a tool carefully close the gap.

    Also you can try cleaning the contact area.
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